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Top Grower

Top Grower Fabric Raised Bed

Top Grower Fabric Raised Bed

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The Raised Bed for Every Gardener

Unleash your green thumb with the affordable and portable Top Grower Fabric Raised Bed. Made with non-woven fabric, this bed promotes breathability and increased aeration for your plants, whether indoors or outdoors. Take on gardening with ease and versatility!


  • Top-stitched for sturdier pots and easier filling 
  • An extra layer of fabric reinforces handles
  • Porous, breathable fabric for increased drainage - prevents roots from overheating on hot days
  • Increased aeration encourages thick, vigorous root growth by "air pruning" roots instead of allowing roots to circle
  • Growing media dries evenly - prevents soggy roots
  • Heavier non-woven fabric than competitor's fabric pots - get years of use out of your garden

Dimensions: (Diameter x Height)

100 gal: 37" x 24"

150 gal: 44" x 22"

200 gal: 48" x 24"

300 gal: 58" x 24"

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