Popular Nutrient Feedcharts By Fertilizer Brand

Popular Nutrient Feedcharts by Brand

On this page we will try to showcase as many fertilizer nutrient brands as possible so that you can always find your feedchart fast and also to give you a chance to compare different fertilizer regimens in the hopes that it makes your job and choice easier! 

While determining your own fertilizer routine, there are some key considerations to keep in mind that could affect how much and how often to feed your plants.  These considerations are related to your own growing environment and include the amount of light, temperature (mainly heat), feeding times, growing medium and also your personal experience. 

Nutrient manufacturers often create feed charts with the ideal growing environment in mind, with all factors dialed in perfectly.  If for example, you have  a weak amount of light, the plant won't be able to process as much food and therefore you should pull back on the recommended amount of fertilizer you give your plants.  If you're growing with a coco soilless medium instead of a peat based soil then you will need to feed more often and also consider that you may need to supplement with more calmag (calcium magnesium), because coco depletes calcium quicker and so on.

Feedcharts are usually broken into a Grow (vegetative) section or a bloom (flower) section.  The grow section refers to the vegetative phase of the plant and is the feeding of the plant up until it either goes into flowering or is manipulated into flowering.  Generally plants have different nutritional requirements depending on what phase of their life cycle they are in.

Some feed charts will show measurements in liters and milliliters (metric system), while other feed charts will show dilution rates in gallons, quarts and teaspoons.  If you need to convert gallons to liters and vice versa, remember that 3.785 liters equals a gallon or roughly 4 liters to a gallon.  Also,  5 milliliters equals a teaspoon and 30 milliliters equals 1 ounce.

If you don't see your feedchart, please let us know.  We will continue to add more feedcharts over time.  If you have any questions or concerns, as always you can reach us here

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