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Gardening and Hydroponic Gifts for Every Budget

We've curated a list of the best gifts for the gardeners and growers in your life. From small stocking stuffers to top of the line gear, you're sure to find the perfect present.

Under $10

Image: Orange rubber finger cover with blade at the tip

1. Finger De Leafer Knife  - Perfect for defoliating large plants, this fingertip blade makes clean cuts without scissors. This lightweight accessory features a silicone sleeve to grip your fingers, and a sharp blade a the tip for precision cuts. Easily remove leaves in tight spaces without the worry of cutting the wrong piece. 

Price:  $4.00

2. Fabric Pots - Fabric pots increase drainage and aeration through the breathable non-woven material. These pots decrease overwatering and prevent plants from becoming rootbound. With pots from 1- to 300-gallons, you're sure to find the size you're looking for. The larger volumes make low-cost, easy-to-setup raised beds in a matter of minutes. 

Price:  $1.50 and up

Image: Small black case with clear lid holds a silver loupe

3. 40X Illuminated Garden Loupe - With its powerful 40x magnification and 25mm lens, you can observe intricate details with ease. Identify pests or enjoy the beauty of trichomes under bright white LED light.

Price:  $8.99

$25 and under

4. Curved Blade Trimming Scissors w/ Titanium Coating - These curved blade shears are a classic for a reason, they cut only what you want. With a titanium coating to resist corrosion, they'll last for years. The spring assisted open and ergonomic handles fight fatigue for those long days trimming.

Price:  $12.99

5.  Odor Resistant Storage Pouch - Keep valuables safe with this insulated, black canvas bag. The double zipper has a rubber coating outside and Velcro closure inside to keep smells where they belong. It's the perfect companion for any adventure.

Price:  $15.00

6.  Chikamasa CS - T6 T series Carry Case - Always keep garden shears nearby with this clip on carrying case from Chikamasa. This superior-grade carrying case offers a sturdy, red shears holster and a longer-lasting design that provide the ultimate in gardening efficiency. No more lost shears!

Price:  $19.99


7. EZPonix DWC Nano Kit - Perfect for anyone interested in hydroponics, this kit can fit on a counter top or table. Grow fresh herbs year-round with ease in any space, and on any budget. This system comes with everything you need to get started except a light and nutrients.

Price: $21.99

8.  Dragon BalmZ -  Massage into sore muscles after a long day of gardening, trimming, and harvesting for a relaxing CBD treat. This balm comes in several scents that are sure to satisfy your senses. Say goodbye to aches and pains.

Price:  $25.00

9. Blurred States of Mind - This small, LA-based designer specializes in psychedelic and mental health positive designs. BLRD partners with some of your favorite Instagram growers to create cool clothes that make a statement. They're sure to rock these favorites all year long!

Price:  $23.00 - $25.00

$50 and Under

10. Saboten Straight Blade Trimming Shears - Featuring an ergonomic design and non-slip grip, these bonsai scissors are easy on your hands. Ultra sharp blades and smooth closure make every snip precise. They're a must-have for every gardener on your list.

Price:  $29.00

11. Gardener Select Garden Chair with Bag - This light-weight, portable garden chair is a lifesaver in the garden. The low height makes it perfect for getting down low without putting added pressure on your knees and back. The detachable canvas bag means your pH meter and scissors will always be nearby for mixing and trimming. Give the gift of comfort this year!

Price:  $29.99

12. Collapsible Drying Rack - Available in both 2 foot and 3 foot diameter, these racks evenly dry your harvest of flowers or herbs. When collapsed for storage, they take up no more space than a small stack of dinner plates. Make drying a breeze!

Price:  $39.99 - 53.99

$100 and Under

13. Extraction Bag Set - For the gardener in your life that wants to make oils and extracts. These extraction bags come in two sizes to fit standard 1- or 5-gallon buckets, with a drawstring top to keep the bags in place. As a bonus, each kit comes with a 25-micron pressing screen.

Price:  $59.95 - $109.95

14. Revelry Supply Smell Proof Backpack - Conceal strong odors in this premium, double-lined, waterproof backpack from Revelry Supply. Perfect for hiking, music festivals, concerts and more. 

Price:  $70.00

15. AC Infinty Controller 69 Pro - Monitor, track, and control plants' growing environment in one place. This panel controls up to four devices for ideal light, temperature, and humidity with easy app or manual setup. AC Infinity products connect wirelessly, or use your own devices with the AC Infinity UIS Control Plug (sold separately). Keep plants happy without the worry!

Price:  $99.99

Over $100

16. Grow Tent - Sometimes called indoor greenhouses, or portable grow rooms, grow tents give added control over a grow space. Available in a variety of sizes, tents come with adjustable ventilation ports and hanging bars to optimize the environment. Grow tents are the perfect addition to any indoor garden.

Price:  $159.99 - $326.99

17. Fast Fit Tray Stand - Tray stands make indoor gardening more convenient. Elevated flood tables are easier to drain, better for posture, and bring plants closer to grow lights. Perfect for soil or hydroponics, tray stands are an instant upgrade for any garden.

Price:  $212.99

18. Full Spectrum LED Grow Light - Indoor lighting technology has come a long way in the last 5 years! LED grow lights now offer adjustable, full-spectrum light without turning your grow space into an oven. This Grower's Republic 780w grow light is less than $1/watt, and covers up to a 6ft by 6ft area. Foldable, locking joints allow light to be angled toward plants while in use, or folded-up for storage. The ultimate gift for growers is here!

Price:  $697.99

With so many great gift choices, there's something for the all special people in your life. Of course, we won't tell if you pick up something just for you! Let us help you find an unforgettable present!

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