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Top Grower

Top Grower Fabric Pots

Top Grower Fabric Pots

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The Only Fabric Pot You'll Ever Need!

These are Top Grower Fabric Pots. Also called Grow Bags or Root Pouches, fabric pots prevent overwatering, increase aeration, and auto prune roots, eliminating the conditions that lead to root rot and root crowding. 


  • Top-stitched for sturdier pots and easier filling 
  • An extra layer of fabric reinforces handles
  • Porous, breathable fabric for increased drainage - prevents roots from overheating on hot days
  • Increased aeration encourages thick, vigorous root growth by "air pruning" roots instead of allowing roots to circle
  • Growing media dries evenly - prevents soggy roots
  • Heavier non-woven fabric than competitor's fabric pots - wash and reuse for years

Dimensions: (Diameter x Height)

1g: 8" x 6.5"

3g: 11" x 9"

5g: 12" x 10.5"

7g: 14" x11"

10g: 15.5" x 13"

15g: 17.5" x 15"

20g: 20" x 15"

25g: 21" x 16.5"

30g: 24" x 16.5"

45g: 27" x 18"

65g: 31.5" x 18"

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