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FloraMax System Maintenance

FloraMax System Maintenance

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Prevents blocked drippers and build-ups in hydroponics, coco and soil systems

• Prevents the growth of biofilms and slimes, even when carbohydrates or sugary additives are used. These can block dripper systems (and pipes) and are time-consuming to remove.
• 100% organic formulation that enables growers to grow ‘organically’ without the usual drawbacks – NOTE: System Maintenance will NOT harm valuable organic additives such as resin/root enhancers, enzymes, myco’s and beneficial bacteria. Chlorines and peroxides found in competing products will destroy these types of additives and render them useless.
• Helps improve the color of flowers as a response to the promotion of a balanced root zone environment.
• Use from seed to harvest at 1ml/L (3.5 ml/Gal).

CAUTION: Organic additive - NEVER use in conjunction with chlorines or peroxides.

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