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SimPro Microbes

SimPro Microbes

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A concentrated blend of beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizae and other protective fungi, enhance yields by improving nutrient transport, phosphate bio-availability, hormone stimulation, enzyme production and pathogen control.  SimPro Microbes are packed with  humic, fulvic and amino acids which improve nutrient availability and along with the  seaweed, premium carbohydrates and powdered molasses it’s everything you need to enhance life within the rhizosphere and optimize plant health.

Use SimPro Microbes in any grow medium to add life and increase nutrient availability. Use SimPro Microbes post flush / post harvest to reinvigorate your grow media. SimPro Microbes are not needed when running our complete all in one products; our all in one nutrients provide the equivalent microbial dosage and supply all of the organic ingredients contained in SimPro Microbes.

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