Royal Gold

Royal Gold Tupur 2 cu ft

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Feeding your plant as much and often as possible with coco based Royal Gold Tupur, especially ideal for high performance feeding regimens. As a coco fiber based soilless medium, it requires high levels of calcium and magnesium to unlock its true potential. Tupur has an astounding balance of oxygen and water holding capacities and can be watered up to 1-6 times a day! This is an ideal choice for automated watering systems, especially drip (drain to waste or recirculating), Ebb and Flow. Even deep water culture, and aquaponics thrive in this unique and versatile blend. Yet it still excels in hand watered container gardens, with organic OR conventional feeding programs. This versatility has been key in Tupur quickly becoming a household name for cultivation experts and enthusiasts from coast to coast. Packaged in 2 cubic foot bags, yet priced to compete with 1.5 cubic foot bagged products, Tupur can give you that extra bang for your buck, in more ways than one! 

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In-Store Pickup Available: Atlanta