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Xtreme Gardening

Xtreme Gardening Mykos Granular 1 lb

Xtreme Gardening Mykos Granular 1 lb

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Mycorrhizae are beneficial fungi that live on the roots of plants and form a symbiotic relationship. They extend microscopic straw-like filaments called "hyphae" into the soil to extract, transport, and increase your plant's supply of nutrients and moisture.

Pockets of nutrients in the soil are made accessible through the effects of mycorrhizae. Mycorrhizal fungi also release a glue-like substance into the soil (Glomalin) which improves water storage capacity; less watering means lower costs.

Mycorrhizal fungi are ideal for use with all crops and the benefits are boundless. Pound for pound mycorrhiza provides plants with the greatest possible benefit for the smallest amount of input. With a single inoculation, mycorrhiza is capable of transforming the ordinary garden into something Xtreme!

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