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FloraMax Flowering Enhancer

FloraMax Flowering Enhancer

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PK & Cal-Mag-Fe additive plus pH stabilizer

This is the ultimate flowering additive for making growing easier - REGARDLESS of what brand of base nutrient is being used. It serves 3 functions:
i. Flowering Enhancer contains optimal “cal-mag” and chelated iron to prevent common deficiencies and create a stronger plant structure.
ii. Provides “PK” that establishes the ideal baseline PK levels from the onset of flowering.
iii. “Locks” nutrient pH below 6.5, which is achieved by supplying pH buffers that are 5-times stronger than normal. In recirculating systems, many growers find pH is stable for 7-10 days...or longer! In coco and soil, pH adjustment is rarely required.

• Use through bloom at 2ml/L (7.5 ml/Gal).
• This product will solve many of the deficiency issues associated with powdered base products.


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