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FloraMax Silica

FloraMax Silica

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Monosilicic Acid

• For maximum absorption*, Silica contains 9% silica as Mono-silicic Acid (“MSA”) and Meta-silicic Acid (“MTSA”).
• Completely soluble in nutrient solutions and therefore 100% bio-available.
• Unlike many other brands Silica is extremely stable - shelf-life exceeds 10 years.
• Optimizes the known benefits of silica - improved plant rigidity, strength, and fruit weight, prevents leaf wilt in hot weather, helps prevent powdery mildew under optimized environmental conditions.
• Use through veg and bloom at 0.1-0.25ml/L (0.25-1 ml/Gal).

*Bioavailability of FloraMax Silica is confirmed via “silica-demand” analysis of NFT nutrient reservoirs using AWWA’s “Molybdosilicate” Method: 80ppm silica dose 100% consumed within 7-10 days; approx 10L working nutrient per plant (1998).


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