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FloraMax Ca-Mg-Fe

FloraMax Ca-Mg-Fe

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Cal-Mag (Fe-Cu-Mn-Zn-Mo-B) Additive

Unlike other cal-mags, Ca-Mg-Fe also contains the full spectrum* of trace elements:
i. Many base nutrient formulations are deficient in trace elements.
ii. Most nutrient deficiencies are in fact due to trace elements.
iii. Many trace element species destabilize when subjected to hard or “high-pH” water however, Ca-Mg-Fe contains alkaline-resistant compounds that cope with pH levels up to 10.

NOTE: Ca-Mg-Fe is 100% compatible with all liquid or powdered base nutrients.

Use through veg and bloom at 1-2ml/L (4-7.5 ml/Gal).

*Iron, copper, manganese, zinc, molybdenum and boron.
^Ca-Mg-Fe should not be used in conjunction with VegaFlora AB or Veg-1 as it will likely cause a cal-mag toxicity.


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