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Flexstar 1000w DE Reflector & Ballast 240v-277v

Flexstar 1000w DE Reflector & Ballast 240v-277v

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The Flexstar 1000w DE Reflector & Ballast’s cutting-edge design gives the user the ability to customize light output based on the needs of their plants. The reflector comes with 3 different angle modes, depending on the area of coverage you can adjust the reflector’s wings to either focus on a narrow area, or to a wider area. The ballast then allows you to adjust the strength of the light with the adjustable dimmer that goes from 600 watts up to 1150 watts. The reflector and ballast work to extend the life of your lamps, with the capability of operating horticultural DE bulbs at >95% luminosity after 5,000 hours.

  • *Includes fixture only
  • Fixture includes a 3-mode reflector, dimmable ballast, and 10′ power cord
  • Compatible with 1000w DE lamps
  • Offers better lamp stabilization
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