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Taproot Hydroponics

EZPonix DWC Nano Kit

EZPonix DWC Nano Kit

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For beginners and masters alike!

This kit comes with all the supplies needed to start a mini hydroponic Deep Water Culture system in a 32oz or 1-gallon reservoir, including a nano air pump. This small hydroponics system is perfect for clones, seedlings, or any sized plant. This kit is very easy to use and perfect for beginners. Secure your plant in the clay pebbles provided, add water/nutrients to the reservoir and watch your roots and plants quickly start growing. For clones, roots from new cuttings can form in 4-10 days. The nano air pump is powered by USB, and highly energy efficient. It uses less than a half of a watt of power and is near silent while operating.

Kit includes:

  • 1x 32oz or 1 Gallon Reservoir
  • 1x Nano Air Pump
  • 1x Air Stone
  • 1x Air Tube
  • 1x Plastic Net Cup
  • 1x Bag Clay Media*


Plants not included

*Always rinse clay pebbles through clean water before use.

For instructions, guides, and related articles visit the EZPonix website.
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