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Taproot Hydroponics

EZPonix DWC Nano Kit

EZPonix DWC Nano Kit

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This kit comes with all the supplies needed for a hydroponic Deep Water Culture (DWC) system in a 32oz or 1-gallon reservoir. This table top hydroponics system is perfect for clones, seedlings, and plants of all sizes.

The EZPonix DWC Nano Kit is a beginner friendly hydroponic setup and makes a great gift for kids or gardeners of any age. 

Secure your plant in the clay pebbles provided, add water/nutrients to the reservoir, and watch your plants grow. For clones, roots from new cuttings can form in 4-10 days.

The included nano air pump, powered by USB, is highly energy efficient and near silent while operating.

The easiest, most affordable single plant DWC system on the market!

Kit includes:

  • 1x 32oz or 1 Gallon Reservoir
  • 1x Nano Air Pump
  • 1x Air Stone
  • 1x Air Tube
  • 1x Plastic Net Cup
  • 1x Bag LECA Clay Media*


Plants not included

*Always rinse clay pebbles thoroughly with clean water before use.

For instructions, guides, and related articles visit the EZPonix website.
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