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AquaVita Sump Pump

AquaVita Sump Pump

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The AquaVita Stainless Steel Sump Pump is the perfect tool for large drainage jobs like ponds and swimming pools, basement flooding, plant watering, and more. This pump’s high quality rare earth rotor and wear-resistant ceramic shaft make it super energy efficient and the epoxy resin sealed motor ensures low operating noise and a water-tight seal. The AquaVita Sump Pump is intelligently designed with a bottom inlet which allows it to pump water at low levels and allows for high lift and powerful water flow. The built-in thermostat gives this pump an added safety feature and maximum reliability, and the beautiful stainless steel housing guarantees a long working life free of rust. All models feature an 11.5’ grounded power cord. 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

1 Garden hose adapter is included in the sale of every AquaVita sump pump. It will adapt a standard garden hose to a AquaVita™Pump. Adapters can be purchased separately also.

Included fitting: 3/4"

Aquavita 925GPH Sump Pump
Gallons Per Hour: 925
Maximum Height: 9.19 ft
Wattage: 70W

Aquavita 1585GPH Sump Pump
Gallons Per Hour: 1585
Maximum Height: 12.5ft
Wattage: 105W

Aquavita 1585GPH Sump Pump
Gallons Per Hour: 2378
Maximum Height: 16.4ft
Wattage: 220W

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