Top 10 Indoor Gardening Gifts for Every Budget

Top 10 Indoor Gardening Gifts for Every Budget

If you’re looking to find a gift for the indoor gardener in your life (even if that person is yourself), check out our Indoor Gardening Gift List.  We’ve put together some fun and mostly inexpensive tools that virtually any indoor gardener whether Hydroponic or Soil, will absolutely love!

universal microscope

1. Mobile Phone Microscope  - Feel a sense of satisfaction while you inspect the high quality of your plants through the screen of your smart phone. This handy dandy microscope fits right onto your mobile phone. Inspect for bugs and overall plant health.  You can even take a photo or video so that you can look at it later.

Price:  $8.99

chikamasa B500sf

2. Chikamasa B500SF Scissors - Indoor gardeners tend to go through trimming and pruning scissors like socks. We use and abuse them on a frequent basis and can always use a fresh pair or two ready to go. Japanese made Chikamasa scissors are generally more ergonomic, lighter, stronger, sharper and hold an edge longer than their competitors. Try out one of our most popular selling Chikamasa scissors, the B500SF.  It’s a straight blade multi-purpose Stainless Steel Scissor, coated with fluorine to resist sap and resin.

Price:  $24.95

Humiguard Storage Container

3. Humiguard 1.5L Storage Container - Looking for a food safe storage container that attractive, secure and stackable? The CVault lineup is sure to please with its feature set. The all stainless steel containers feature a low profile strong rubber seal, tight fit, and secure latches. Larger sizes feature a slot on the lid perfect for holding a small humesicant pack. With multiple sizes to choose from you can’t go wrong.

Price:  $33.99

Trimbin Black

4. TrimBin - The Trimbin is one of the most intelligently designed gardening products since the shovel. Manicuring and trimming plants can be one of the coolest parts of enjoying the fruits of your gardening efforts, and easily the most tedious. Having the right tools goes a long way towards reducing wrist fatigue and burnout. The Trimbins unique design allows for maximum comfort sitting back in your favorite easy chair with all your work conveniently at your finger tips.Anyone who spends longer than an hour trimming their harvest really, REALLY needs to try one of these.

Price:  $59.95

Magical Butter

5.  Magical Butter Extractor Machine - Users of the Magical Butter will tell you there is nothing better in terms of consistency, ease of use and value. Take your harvest, leaves and all and create an infused butter with little to no effort. 

Price:  $164.95

Salad Box Hydroponic System

6.  Salad Box Garden Kit - Grow lettuce, basil and herbs easily with this compact Kratky style hydroponic system.  No need for electricity, only water and a nutrient mix that it comes with.  Of course, you will still want a decent light source.

Price:  $43.99

Bluelab Truncheon PPM Meter

7. Bluelab Truncheon PPM Nutrient Meter - The truncheon meter from the good folks at Bluelab is one of the most practical EC/TDS/PPM meters on the market. It’s robust sticklike construction allows you to use the truncheon as both a measuring tool and a mixing tool all in one. Featuring an automatic on/off function, the truncheon turns itself on moments after submerging the probe end into solution and off again after a minute or two of inactivity to conserve battery life. Instead of relying on delicate LCD screens, the truncheon featured a with easy to see LED lighting easily viewable even in the brightest grow room. All this and the meter reads in EC, the 500PPM scale and the 700PPM scale with no calibration needed. EVER.

Price: $129.95

rope ratchet light hangers

8.  Top Grower 1/8” Rope Ratchet  -  Every gardener or household can benefit from rope ratchet hangers.  Mostly used for hanging grow lights or carbon filters, these gadgets have been known to hang bikes, canoes, the options are limitless.

Price:  $11.99

indoor gardening bible

9. Indoor Gardener’s Bible - A great resource to have nearby when you need a primer on all the indoor gardening necessities, like cloning, seed starting, trellising, and fertilizing.

Price:  $24.95

phantom cmh grow light

10. Xtrasun Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) - Not exactly inexpensive, but every gardener would happily make use of one of these lights. Originally used by the car industry to illuminate their showroom cars, these lights put out all the spectrum your plants need without the high energy usage.

Price:  $379.95

Bonus Gift:

bottom draw pump adapter

Bottom Draw Pump Adapter - Draining your tanks at weeks end can be a frustrating experience with traditional pumps most often suited for our watering needs. Because they have an intake several inches or higher off the tanks bottom, they can only drain the tanks so far before pulling air and interrupting the flow. These handy Bottom Draw Adapters will help any standard pump (with a threaded inlet) suck water down to as low as a 1/2 an inch!

Price:  $3.45

Well, there you have it! Our top 10 list of indoor gardening soil and hydroponic gifts for your friends, loved ones or yourself!

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