ghost plant (type of succulent)

Succulent care

With over 10,000 varieties of succulents currently and new ones being bred every year there's no excuse for you to not have at least one in your plant collection. That being said you may be wondering about care for these seemingly exotic plants. Have no fear though, succulents are very forgiving in a lot of ways.


Almost all succulents prefer to have their soil dry completely in-between waterings. In winter most can go even longer between waterings than summer. The amount of water when talking about succulents and cacti is the frequency not the volume. When you water you still want to completely saturate the media but you only want to do this roughly every 1-2 weeks. Indoor more likely 2ish, whereas outdoor might need more frequent. Another important note would be to avoid overhead watering of succulents, stagnant water on leaves can cause them to rot. Speaking of, root-rot is what will most likely occur if you overwater. Depending how far deteriorated your plant is it still has the possibility of being saved, you should re-pot into one about the same size and try and removed any affected root-zone when you have the plant out of its pot. The rotted roots will appear brown to black red instead of the usual white. Root rot can easily kill your plants however, so remember to air on the side of under watering rather than over.ENH996/EP251: Resistance of Nineteen Major Caladium Commercial Cultivars to  Pythium Root Rot

(a bit of an extreme example but roots on right are rotted)

 Since you won't be getting water on the leaves eventually dust will collect on them if they are inside. Simply wipe away with a microfiber cloth or some other gentle type of rag. This will ensure growth is not being inhibited due to lack of light. 

Succulents need a sandy, well-draining potting soil (Our Black Gold Cactus mix we sell would be a perfect example). It is also always best to have them in pots with drain holes



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