Drip Recirculation System

Drip Recirculation System

Ever wonder how indoor plants can grow as tall as the ones above? Take a gander at Taproot's drip recirculation system and discover for yourself. 

Drip recirculation is another passive sub-irrigation technique to hydroponic farming.  Each system requires a grow tray, drip lines, drip stakes with a basket cage, overflow tube, reservoir, nutrient pump, drip manifold, air stone, air pump, tubing to connect to former two, and an inert porous medium (e.g. clay pebbles or coco coir). Compared to more traditional potting mixes, these media deliver increased oxygen to the roots. Furthermore, the air stone pumps oxygen into the reservoir’s tank to ensure that oxygen stays circulated in the nutrient solution.

Add five milliliters of Grow, Bloom, and Micro Nutrients per gallon of water.  For example, a 10 gallon reservoir requires 50 ml of Micro, Grow and Bloom. Be sure to thoroughly mix each individual nutrient in the water before pouring in additional nutrients.  The nutrient reservoir’s contents will be pumped into the drip lines before passing through plant’s roots or overflow drain. After 7 days, the plants will have absorbed most of the nutrients. Therefore we suggest changing out the nutrient reservoir every week. As always, remove the old water from reservoir and mix a new batch of fresh water and nutrients.

Your plants will thrive in this system too! Click the following links to gather your own drip recirculation supplies...

Air pump and air stone, TimerTubingClay PebblesDrip Stakes, Flood Table and Stand, and a Grow Light Reflector 

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