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June 08, 2016


       Autopot is a self-watering hydroponic system that does not require a pump, power, or timer!  Essentially, nutrient rich water flows from the reservoir via tubing to a tray with the patented AQUAvalve. Thanks to gravity pressure, the AQUAvalve shuts off the flow of water from the reservoir once 20mm of liquid has entered the value.

        From there water then enters the base of the plant container.  Using plant controlled irrigation, the Autopot will allow water to re-enter the valve once the plant has completely consumed the previous 20mm and the tray is dry,


Autopots permit a suitable amount of water to reach the plant’s roots without overflow.  Larger plants will undergo the aforementioned wet & dry cycle frequently in order to meet their growing needs. Did we mention that you can add dozens of Autopots to a nutrient reservoir? 


        Reference this video when setting up the Autopot: Set up Tutorial. At first, growers will need to water the plant from the top of the container until the roots reach the bottom (where nutrient rich water will enter). Overtime, roots may want to grow inside the AQUAvalve. Growers will want to keep the AQUAvalue unobstructed from sediment or plant roots to ensure a constant nutrient supply.  

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LEC Grow Light

Coco Coir

Clay Pebbles

 For more useful information on the Autopot hydro system ---> http://www.autopot-usa.com/useful-info

        Wishing you all a plentiful harvest!  As always, feel free to come into the shop located at 2111 Faulkner Road in Atlanta Georgia 30324 or call us at 404-464-8313  :)

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