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TG Air Stone Disc

Air Discs are great for oxygenating or circulating nutrients in your tanks or reservoirs, the micro-pore design energizes your growing solution as it aerates and circulates your nutrients. The air disc has a built-in fitting that insures the airline connects freely to your fitting and prevents the air line from kinking at the base of the fitting.


This is a high surface area air stone that is capable of handling high flow rate air pumps. If your air pump flow rate is low then the air stone won't produce bubbles over the entire surface area of the stone, and the bubbles will tend to come out around the edges of the stone first because that is the path and area of least resistance. There is nothing wrong with the air stone, and your air pump is actually still producing as many bubbles as it can, it is just not activating the entire surface area of the stone, because the stone can handle a much higher airflow rate.

In-Store Pickup Available: Atlanta