Indoor Gardening Workshop: August 4th, 2018

Ever wonder what it would take for you to start growing indoors, year round and eat all your own fresh fruit and vegetables that you grow yourself?

Well, look no further! Vol. 2 of the Indoor Gardening Crash Course will be held in-store at Taproot Hydroponics so that you can make the best-informed decisions on how to get started, initial investments, materials needed and much much more.

Vol. 2 of our Indoor Gardening Series will start with a short, 5-10 minute recap of Vol. 1 (for anyone who wasn't able to attend the previous class) and then will move on to cover: setting up a 4x4 grow tent w/ lights, hydro system/flood table, ventilation and filtration.

You can RSVP by purchasing this Free Workshop.

Where:  Taproot Hydroponics, 2111 Faulkner Rd, Atlanta GA 30324

When:  August 4th @ 10:00am

What to Bring:  An open-mind and coffee (if you need it!)