Tower of Power

Introducing Tower of Power - The Remedy for Packed Power Strips NOTE: Product is not a surge protector Say goodbye to over-crowded, under-utilized power strips. Hydrofarm's TOWER OF POWER offers 6 outlets with enough room to accommodate even the bulkiest timers and adapters. The Tower of Power will handle all you can throw at it. In your home office it will organize all your computers and peripheral devices. In the shop it's sturdy enough to power your tool array. For the hydroponics gardener, the Tower of Power will accommodate all your timers. And because it's vertical, it takes up less space than your typical strip. Features Enough space between outlets to allow you to plug in all your timers and gadgets - NO MORE WASTED OUTLETS! Easy accessibility for all your appliances 6-foot, heavy-duty power cord delivers electricity where it's needed most Sturdy construction; can be mounted on walls or under furniture 6 120V outlets total On/Off switch