3' x 2' Mylar Grow Tent HLG 100 LED Kit

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This kit comes with everything shown. It will be everything you need to get started!

-A 3' x 2' x 5' Mylar Canvas lined grow tent that comes in the 3 in 1 style will let you perpetually rotate a monoculture of use the 3 chambers to customize grow spaces for specific plants. 
-1 HLG 100 LED light. It comes as a 3200k full-spectrum light. This light will let you grow plants in either a vegetative of the flowering state.
-2 24 inch fluorescent T5 lights for clones, seedlings, and vegetating plants. 
-1 pair of rope ratchet hangers. 
-1 digital 24-hour timer with 2 outlets.
-1 battery operated thermometer/hygrometer with a probe so you know what temperature and humidity it will be at your canopy. 
-1 6 inch clip fan to keep your canopy cool.
-1 exhaust fan and 5 feet of ducting to help recirculate the tent's air.
-1 carbon filter to scrub out organic odors. 
-2 duct clamps.
-4 pots.
-4 saucers.
-1 pair of trimming shears.
-Zip Ties