DutchPro Hydro Coco Starter Kit Hard Water

Dutchpro's starter nutrient kit for Hydroponics and Coco for someone using hard water.

Each starter pack contains everything you need to conduct a small-scale grow (4×4 tent start to finish).

Not only does this starter pack give you a full set of 1 liter grow and bloom base feeds, but you also get the whole selection of 250 mL Essential Dutchpro additives and supplements to get unmatched results. A copy of our feeding schedule is also included. This schedule is easy to use and is famous for its simplicity.

The starter pack is formulated specifically for hydroponics/coco grow set-ups that use hard water (tap water with a PPM of 150 or higher).


What’s included:

Hydro/Coco Grow Bloom (Hard Water) Base Feeds (4 1 Liter bottles; A+B Grow Base Feed, A+B Bloom Base Feed)

Explode: Bud Booster 250mL

Silica von Liebig Special: Mono Silicic Acid 250mL

Take Root: Root Stimulator 250mL

Multi Total: Nutrient Optimizer 250mL

What makes it special:


Nutrient formula based on Liebig’s Law of the Minimum

All products work smoothly together for optimal nutrient absorption by your plants

Suitable for every irrigation system. No clogged systems or residue

In-Store Pickup Available: Atlanta