Commercial Double-Ended Wing Reflector

DE1000 Lh Reflector: Hydrofarm engaged a renowned American lighting engineer to design the most efficient DE wing type on the market. This DE Wing type reflector delivers uniform growth over a broad footprint. Louvered reflector effectively dissipates heat while operating DE bulb at ideal temperatures for maximum light output and lamp life. • Double-ended system delivers higher PAR value with incredible uniformity • Open wing design for maximum light output, optimum heat management, and longer lamp life • Highly efficient in overlapping multi-light configurations • Premium aluminum European Hammertone interior: 99.85% pure, 95% reflectivity • Vossloh-Schwabe K12 x 30S high temperature lamp holders Please note that for remote usage, a lamp extension cord is required. Hydrofarm offers 5 foot (CSXCORD5), 15 foot (CSXCORD) and 25 foot (CSXCORD25) options.