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2' x 4' HLG 300 Watt LED Grow Tent Kit

This is the perfect small setup for apartment dwellers and beginner growers.  The grow tent's compact size makes it stealthy, allowing you to grow your favorite plants in smaller spaces like closets or laundry rooms.  The HLG300 LED Light that comes with this tent kit will max out your growing area with intense light.

Grow Tent Size: 24" x 48" x 59"

This Grow Tent Kit Includes:

-2' x 4' x 4.9' Grow Tent

-HLG 300 LED Light

-4" Inline Fan

-4" Carbon Filter

-4" Ducting 

-Clip Fan

-Light Timer


-Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer

In-Store Pickup Available: Atlanta