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Can Filter Group

Can 33 w/o Flange

<> The Can Filters Original is designed for the control of VOCs (paint fumes, hydrocarbons, etc...), odors, and other gaseous contaminants. Built with a proven packed bed design and pelletized virgin activated carbon. This line of time-tested activated carbon air filters sets the standard for long life, consistent performance, and low-pressure drop. Rated at a conservative 0.1 sec contact time, Can Filters Original provides excellent value and confidence. Max Recirculating (Scrubbing) CFM: 400 cfm / 700 m³h Max Exhaust CFM: 200 cfm / 350 m³h @ 0.1 sec contact time Recommended Min Airflow: 100 cfm / 175 m³h Prefilter: Yes Flange: 4", 6" Dimensions: (with pre-filter) ·Outside Diameter: 30.5cm / 12" ·Height: 33cm / 13" ·Total Weight: 11.5kg / 25.3lbs. ·Carbon Weight: 7.5kg / 16.5lbs. ·Carbon Bed Depth: 5cm / 2" Max Operating Temp: 80ºC Pressure drop at max cfm: 180pa / .75"wg Recommended Can-Fan: Fan Watts Consumed Filtered Air CFM Can-Fan 6" HO 137 Watts 232 CFM Can-Fan 6" 81 Watts 178 CFM Can-Fan 4" HO 78 Watts 130 CFM

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