Product of the Week: Cedar Planter with Wooden Legs

There are many ways to start a vegetable garden in soil.  Some people till the ground and plant.  Others will section off a plot of land with wood, hay bales, etc. in order to create a raised bed garden.  And still others will plant their veggies in some sort of container.  Our Product of the Week happens to use the third approach.  

The Cedar Planter with Wooden Legs by Taproot Hydroponics & Organics allows gardeners to plant almost anywhere there is sun or artificial light.  At almost 3 feet in height, most people can garden without having to crouch near the ground or bend over.  This allows those with back problems to garden with ease.  It can also make gardening more convenient and fun.  

Cedar wood is a great material to plant anything edible.  Treated wood can leach chemicals into vegetables and should be avoided.  Our Cedar is untreated and rot-resistant, meaning it will last many years exposed to the outside elements.  As an added bonus, Cedar repels many pests and insects.

Our Cedar Planters are sustainably milled and made from 2" thick Western Red Cedar.  Our planters have a classy, stylish look that will compliment any deck, yard, balcony or patio.  And, who knows?  Maybe, you will see some tomatoes!

You can find the Cedar Planter with Wooden Legs at our Atlanta shop.

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