Light Riser Hanging System: Product Spotlight

This week's product spotlight is not super sexy, but is super handy when raising and lowering your indoor garden lights or hanging anything else! The Light Riser Hanging System has a quick release carabiner allowing you to adjust the clips to the desired height. Simply secure one of the quick release carabiner clips to a firm location, attach the other clip to the object you want to hang, and then pull the cord until the desired height is reached.  The Light Hanger includes the following features:  

1.  Can hold up to 150 lbs (75lbs per ratchet)

2.  Releases quickly to loosen the rope and re-adjust to the height required

3.  Has a locking system to secure object in place

4.  Will never break, slip or rust

5. Has four carabiner clips and 8 feet of tough braided polypropylene rope.

Hang, fasten or adjust, but don't go rock climbing!

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