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April 18, 2016

Deep Water Culture or DWC bucket system for easy hydroponic gardening

A Deep Water Culture (DWC) is a low maintenance hydroponic system that can yield huge results in a small space! Like most systems, the DWC requires a reservoir, nutrients, a porous medium in which to grow plants, an air pump, air stone, and tubing to connect the two. 

               Essentially, a deep water culture system is a suspended plant in an oxygenated and nutrient rich solution. The root capillaries will transport water and nutrients to the plant directly from the nutrient rich reservoir. Seen in the photo below, clay pebbles provide an inert porous medium needed to house the plant. Other options include peat moss, coco husk, perlite, grow cubes and hydro cubes.

(If you are transplanting from a soil environment, wash off the plants roots with water before putting it into its new home.) 

Fill the bucket with water until it is 3 inches from overflowing. Add 3 milliliters of hydrogen peroxide to the fresh water to kill any harmful bacteria. Add five milliliters of Grow, Bloom, and Micro Nutrients per gallon of water.  For example, when utilizing a 5 gallon bucket, 25 milliliters of each additive need to be added to a fresh 5 gallons of water.  Be sure to thoroughly mix each nutrient in the water before pouring in additional nutrients. We recommend changing the nutrient reservoir every 1 to 2 weeks in order to maximize potential growth.

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Taproot also sells the individual components of the deep water culture to give customers the ability to customize their own hydroponic system. The individual products are listed and attached to their respective links below...

5 Gallon Bucket 

10 inch wide Bucket Basket

Clay pebbles

Air Pump 

Air Stone


Micro Nutrients 

Grow Nutrients

Bloom Nutrients 

Wishing you all a plentiful harvest!  As always, feel free to come into the shop located at 2111 Faulkner Road in Atlanta Georgia 30324  and/or call us at 404-464-8313 with questions and comments :)

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